Website Management

Top Features

Tournamatch is a complete ladder and tournament management system for phpBB and PHP-Nuke online gaming websites.

Game management

Advanced game management that customizes Tournamatch for any competition, including non-pc games like billiards, board games, and other recreational sports


Includes 23 langage packs and can be easily localized for any language not included.

Map management

Admins can add, edit, and delete maps. Admins can also combine maps into map groups, allowing staff to easily assign multiple maps to a single game type.

Anti-Cheat support

IP addresses are tracked for each match reported enabling admins to verify match validity


Includes blocks for player management, recent matches, challenges, recent teams, and navigation.


Seamlessly integrates with existing PHP-Nuke and phpBB cms installation.


Feature rich administration panel allows complete customization.