Tournament Management

Top Features

Tournamatch is a complete ladder and tournament management system for phpBB and PHP-Nuke online gaming websites.

Double or single elimination

Supports double elimination brackets or single elimination brackets. Bracket seeds are highlighted throughout rounds and you may optionally enable a semi-finals loser match.

Sign-up using new or existing names

Players and teams may sign-up to tournaments using past names or create new ones. Multiple names are still linked to their user account.

Flexible seeding

You may configure tournaments to start with a set number of entrants (4, 8, 16, 32, etc...) or a variable number so as many players can signup before a tournament is scheduled to being as possible.


Check-Ins are supported and require players or teams to check-in prior to being seeded if enabled.

Fully customizable

Admins can add, edit, start, end, and delete tournaments; can manually signup players or teams; and can report matches manually if desired.

First round byes

All byes are rewarded in the first round if necessary.


Tournaments may be configured to start automatically by schedule or after being filled.

Ladder integration

Completely integrated with the player & team management and ladder management script.